Welcome to the UK Bullmastiff Rescue and Adoption Homepage

Welcome to the UK Bullmastiff Rescue and Adoption Homepage

We rescue abandoned, neglected and surrendered Bullmastiffs.

Our aim is to facilitate the re-homing of these dogs into loving forever homes, we do this not for wealth, politics or recognition, but simply because we have a real passion for this wonderful breed.

check out Reggie


URGENT – We are in desperate need of foster homes for the rescue dogs. Please see our foster homes page.

Please contact us if you have a foster home, a kennel space or can help with fundraising. Until we rehome some dogs or find alternative accomodation for the ones we have in we cannot take any more dogs in.

It appears that our form is not working! If you do not receive any correspondence from the rescue after submitting the form, please contact one of the rescue co-ordinators or email ukbullmastiffs@ntlworld.com with the answers to the questions below. We can then arrange a homecheck. We apologise for any inconveniance and urge anyone who has recently applied to adopt but recieved no email or tel call since then to contact us.

We charge a fee for rehoming this covers our costs for kennel fees ,spaying  ,neutering, and any other vet fees

The minimum fee is £200. price varies depending on the age of the dog, it can go either up or down