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Please read the below declaration in FULL before signing

By agreeing and submitting this application, I am of legal age and confirm that any work I do for UK Bullmastiff Rescue is strictly voluntary and on my own accord. I accept full responsibility for the actions of the Bullmastiff I foster in my home and hold the Bullmastiff Rescue Organization void of any charges. I accept with full knowledge the nature of the Bullmastiff breed along with any possible attendant risks involved with fostering this breed. I accept these Bullmastiffs into my care voluntarily and of my own volition.

I agree to provide an optimum environment for the care, safety, and rehabilitation of the Bullmastiff in foster care. I agree that I may be responsible for the placement of a fostered Bullmastiff into a qualified, caring home. I agree to abide by the policies and procedures established by UK Bullmastiff Rescue I am enrolled with for conducting this rescue effort.

I hereby agree to hold UK Bullmastiff Rescue harmless from any act or future act of any Bullmastiff taken into my care and from any resulting financial obligation resulting from said acts or acts.

I/We Accept Terms Of Fostering Conditions: I/We have read and fully understand the declaration statements made above 

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