Fund Raising

We are a relatively  small volunteer based organization dedicated to saving the lives of no longer wanted Bullmastiffs.  We love the breed and all it has to offer and have respect and understanding, of its too often misunderstood nature and behaviour.

We welcome your support to help raise the much needed funds to help these dogs on their way to their new homes.  All of our funds are spent on the Bullmastiffs in our care, this includes kennelling, speying/neutering, vaccinations, microchipping and transport costs. Most of the Bullmastiffs that come into our care require all of these things including at times any medications they require. We do not have our own kennel’s to “board” dogs until they are adopted so they are placed with boarding kennels which is charged per night. Obviously this bill can become a very big expense very quickly and as we do not have enough foster homes for the dogs this becomes a necessity.

However you look at it, this process of preparing a Bullmastiff ready to be adopted isn’t cheap.  We exist solely on revenue from Fundraising events, donations and adoption fees. Often the adoption fee doesn’t even begin to cover the costs of that one Bullmastiff. So, we’re looking for sponsors.   If you can  help by sending a one time gift or a monthly contribution, you would be doing so much to help that one Bullmastiff learn what love,  safety and warmth really are. You won’t change the world by helping one Bullmastiff, but you’ll change that Bullmastiffs ‘s world forever.

We try and raise much needed revenue by fundraising , recently we held a fun day.  All breeds were welcomed.  What a wonderful day it turned out to be !!! We raised much needed funds and had a very enjoyable day too !!!

We also had a very kind gentleman offer to complete a sponsored run for Bullmastiffs in need,  he completed 10 miles in extremely hot temperatures and also raised much needed funds !!

If you can think of a way to help with fundraising , please don’t hesitate to contact us
Email : Debbie