Bryn the cheeky monkey came to us from the pound, after his 7 days were up he was neutered and moved to kennels. Since then he has been moved to foster with Kerry one of the rescue co-ordinators. He lives with 4 male dogs and 2 females. Bryn gets on famously with each one of them! He is a true angel this boy, he has so much personality and so much love for life. He is a very calm dog until he gets over excited and then all hell breaks loose! He believes he is a kangaroo and likes to have a good play running around like a clown. Thankfully it doesnt last long and he will retire back to his bed!! He loves his walks more than anything, thats usually when the kagaroo jumps start. He also has a very sweet tooth and will steal any sweet food at any given opportunity. Bryn is a true gem, he is so loveable, so cheeky and so handsome. Bryn is a firm favourite! bryn 3 bryn 4 bryn 5 bryn and boys# bryn feeding time bryn6 bryn7

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