Now rehomed 🙂

Charlie is a handsome 6 year old, he is the most loving dopey soppy boy you will meet, he loves everyone he encounters and greets them will a flop on his back for a belly rub. You cant help but fall in love with his cheeky grin. He is good on lead and knows all his commands. He is such a friendly and happy boy.

Charlie needs to lose a bit of weight as he is a little on the heavy side. He also has an infection in his ears which is being treated at the moment.

Charlie needs an adult only home, he is great with other dogs but does have food aggression with other dogs so this would be needed to be considered when adopting Charlie. He must be kept away from any resident dogs when eating his food or when others are eating.

Charlie is currently in foster in the North West where he is being taught some manners with food. He will take time or may never learn to have manners with food. He is happy fo humans to be around his food bowl though.

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