Cookie and Coco

FINALLY!!!!!!!! Cookie and Coco are now rehomed TOGETHER and have 2 lovely brothers to share their lives with. We could not be happier here at the rescue as these girls waited far too long and were in danger of being split. They truly deserve a fabulous home and with acres and acres to run around on they finally have the perfect home.

Due to a lack of interest in these 2 girlies we are now having to consider splitting them, we really really do not want to do this as Cookie truly loves Coco. These girls deserve a home together but we cannot keep them in kennels forever, they deserve a sofa to sleep on. Winter is quickly approaching and it is getting cold, these girls deserve a nice warm home, if the only way we can provide this is apart then we must do this. Its a crying shame as they are such wonderful laid back girls, so quiet and happy. Coco is very independant and happy to do her own thing, Cookie is the opposite, very loving, very affectionate and wants to be sat on your knee at all times. These girls dont like loud noises or anything too crazy, they would suit a retired couple who likes to go for strolls around and about. They genuinely are dream girls. Its just a shame that people over look them because there is 2 of them, they are less bother than the other single rescue dogs!! We also only have one adoption fee to adopt both girls.

coco new coconew2 cookie new cookie new2


Cookie and Coco came to us from the pound. Cookie is the red girl aged around 5 years old and Coco is the brindle girl aged around 6 years old. Coco hasnt long since had a litter but of course was found straying without her babies!

Cookie is very loving and affectionate, she loves to give kisses and have a cuddle. She likes to sit right on top of you! Coco is a little more reserved, but still affectionate and loving once she feels at ease.

Neither of the girls have been reactive to other dogs, they appear very laid back and well socialised.

We are looking for foster homes for both girls together. They are a bonded pair particularly Cookie, she looks for Coco alot.