Tyler – 3 year old fawn boy

Tyler is off to his new home on 19/10/13 – he will be moving to lovely Scotland with his new mummy Sarah and sister Zara!
Tyler is now in foster with Kerry and her 4 males, 2 females and 3 puppies! He has been great with them all although does have a dominant stance when the boys are out with him but has shown absolutely no aggression and is avoiding eye contact. He is not confrontational. Tyler is the sweetest most gentle boy, he is a real love bug. He wants to be loved and he wants to please his owner. He is more than happy to take commands from anyone as long as a belly rub comes with it. He isnt overly guarding in the home and is actually just very laid back.
Tylers down side is that he is overweight, significantly overweight. He also does not like being left alone outside, he wants to be by your side or if not by your side on a comfy bed where he can snooze until you get home.
Tyler would definitely suit a home that has an older chilled out girl for him to have as company but not a bitch that wants to play all the time, just someone to cuddle up with.
Tyler is very over excited by toys, he does get into the zone where he gets excited so play with toys should be kept short and sweet and he should also only have access to toys whilst he is alone. He does guard the toys from the other dogs so this needs to be kept in check. But he is happy for you to take toys from him and will not snatch them if spoken to firmly.
Tyler isnt food aggressive, he is currently being fed on raw meat and this can sometimes bring out a possessive side over food but Tyler happily allows me to put his hand in his bowl and pick his bowl up to move it around.
Who ever adopts this handsome man is getting a real treasure, he just needs a little help to get the weight off, but other than that he will fit in well to a quiet home that doesnt demand much more than just being best friends 🙂
This is tyler he is 3 years old fawn male , he is a very well behaved boy who is looking for a new home because of a marriage breakdown . he loves loves squeaky toys, dog biscuits, cuddles and head rubs. Tyler will move your hand to his belly with his paw when he wants his belly stroked. He Loves to run around the field with you and to play tug of war with you or another dog. LOVES water, he will …be entertained for ages if you spray him with the hosepipe Loves to meet up with dogs out and about and go for a run and play. He knows the commands sit, lie down, roll over, in , out and paw. He is a well rounded dog who is not fazed by anything at all. He has lived with another bullmastiff and 2 cats and has been used to be around children. A real gentle giant . we are looking for a foster home for tyler for a few weeks assessment whilst we look for the perfect forever home for him. Could that that person be you ?tyler