Update at last William has landed on his paws , Sam and Matt fell in love and ,William fell in love at first site, we know this is going to be a long journey for all 3 of them but we cant thank his new mum and dad for giving him a chance to have a life filled with love after everything that happened to this boy we wish him a huge happy life


This is William a little boy that hasn’t had the best start in life. Bullmastiff Rescue & Adoption rescue was contacted by a vet that gave Kerry Young and Debbie Thomas his history. He was thin,full of cuts where he had been used as a bait dog, he had his microchip sliced out in his neck and was thrown from a van being left at the road side. A passer by picked him up and took him to the local vets where his injuries were treated, allof his wounds are clearing up nicely now. William is becoming a little chub and has lovely coverage.
William is so trusting despite all he has been through. He is full of life and a very active boy. His previous owner trained him to bark for food. We as his fosters have been trying to stop that because whoever will give William his forever home may not like it. He means no harm. There is no food aggression. In his forever home he can’t be placed with cats, can be with other dogs with the right introduction, he will only be homed with a female dog. Walks well on lead, he listens and returns when being called. He is a lovely caring boy who will give you his all. He deserves to be part of a family,sleep on couch,he will need to be with a firm handler, will need to be with someone who will keep up with his manners and tolerate no nonsense but will give him all the attention and love that he deserves. William will be castrated before going to his forever home.

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William now in foster enjoying his toys and being loved. On the road to health and happiness 🙂


This young boy has come into our care via a vet practice in the north, he was left by the side of the road by a white van, a passer by stopped and took him to a local vet. He has puncture wounds all over his body and is severely underweight. He has also had his micro chip cut out so we cannot find out where he came from. The work of professionals!!! He has probably been a bait dog from his wounds 🙁 We will assess him carefully with other dogs but in true bullmastiff way his love for humans remains untainted. The pictures are a little graphic but people should see what these dogs go through.

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