Alfie – SPECIAL APPEAL – RIP Lovely boy

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It is with the greatest sadness and a breaking heart that I write to let you all know that alfie slipped away peacefully at 10.20pm tonight. We were all with him and the vet that alfie had come to know so well came to Julie’s home to help him on his way. I visited alfie this afternoon and for the first time since I picked him up from the pound I was actually optimistic about his health, sadly that took a really fast downward turn this evening . He was bleeding internally and not strong enough to undergo any sort of operation to find out what was going on ..he was running a temperature of 42 degrees and his heart was racing at 160 beats per minute ..he was unable to stand and was in discomfort .With the help of the vets advice we took the decision together to help Alfie on his way to a place where he will never suffer again. I would like to personally thank Julie, Craig and Leah for their dedicated care for him. He wanted for nothing, the care and love they gave him was amazing. I know Alfie loved them and was grateful for their dedication. He said goodbye to this world cradled in Julie’s arms. He will never be forgotten he touched the hearts of everyone he met .God bless sweet Alfie until we all meet again run free over rainbow bridge xxx
From Alfie’s Foster mum and family, Julie, Craig and Leah
Our jouney began on the 18th of August. Debbie drove up to get him in Kent where although she was told that he had 4meals a day,it was obvious that was far from the truth. Unknown if he would make the jouney due to being so thin and weak. At 10 pm I met this little boy.The love,shock,protectivness,anger all came rolling in my veins.1st job lets get food into him. Gently he eat a little amount. That night it was touch and go he would make it. I fed him every 3 hrs.little and often. He was so trusting. The vets visit the next day baught tears of happiness when all his bloods came back that no damage was done to his vital.organs.
Days turned into weeks,weeks turned into months. Alfie made slow but steady process. Vets visits every week although his spirit was high his health wasnt.everyweek was vet bills but Bullmastiff Rescue would always take care of them through funds donated. Alfie wanted for nothing.whatever he needed it was given. They made Alfie’s life a comfortable 1. Debbie visited offten to see how he got on Kerry phoned or messaged me.we were a team. If i wasnt sure of anything Debbie and Kerry was always there with advice.
8th october. Debbie was coming up to have a catch up with Alfie Moomins. With a wag of his tail he greated her. Debbie was so positive about his future. Something wasnt right with him.he had dioreah for the last couple of days.his energy had gone down. I just knew something wasnt right. Debbie assured me to take him to get checked out. Made an appointment for 5.30. Going up to the shower and change Alfie usually followed but this day he managed half of the stairs. That was my comfirmation.something was deffinatly wrong. The car journey to the vets seemed to be long. Alfie just layed down on the back seat.normally his head was out the windows sharing his drools with our car also other cars that was behind us. But this day no drools nothing. The vets came to see him her face glum she called another vet….. I knew it wasnt good.not knowing what it was i knew it wasnt good. Crying our eyes out they told us what we really didnt want to hear.
That night Alfie deteriated fast within 5 hrs Alfie had passed away. Shocked and disbeliefed really couldnt soak it all in. Numb.
Debbie and Kerry has been our rock. Even as they are hurting with the loss of Alfie they’re still caring and trying to save others. Angels isnt a big enough word to disgribe these 2. Thank you for what u all do i really am.u really are heros in my eyes. Now funding is little so I hope we can keep donating to this fantastic rescue.i thank you all with all my heart xxxxx
Update – Alfie is on the road to recovery, he is still under vet care and does have some health issues that we are still dealing with. His recovery is slow but positive at this point. Please keep sending him the prayers and love that this boy needs.
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Alfie came to us after his 7 days in the pound, he had no veterinary treatment whilst under their care and they didnt even attempt to cut his nails. Alfie is going to need lots of time and TLC to get better and no doubt lots of veterinary care.
PLEASE help us to help this boy, all we ask is a £1 donation from everyone who visits this site and loves this breed. If everyone donated just £1 we could afford to pay the vet bills. How Alfie got in this state we will never know but we do know that he deserves to have a second chance and be happy.
From Debbie our Rescue Co-Ordinator
i finally got home after a hell of a day .. but so worth it to see this boy fed and settled for the night at aunty Julie Mills . this boy is severely under weight, in all the years i have been doing rescue i have never seen a dog so thin .. he is literally a skeleton with fur on I cried when i saw him as did Anne Norris. It never fails to amaze me how after such abuse by humans they still trust us .. he is so sweet and gentle and despite being starved he took food from me so gently. He is poorly and pretty weak but he has eaten chicken and rice and drunk and will be fed again at 2.30am .. julie will continue to care for and feed him regurlar small meals every few hours around the clock until we see an improvement with him .. he will have bloods taken tomorrow to see how his internal workings are holding up and we hope antibiotics will help with his breathing and chesty cough ..when i went to leave tonight he wanted to come with me .. he already sensed that someone cared for him .. bless him .. we will do everything we can to get this boy now named alfie back to full health . thanks to anne and julie and her family for your help today . xx Please, we need funds to help this boy if you can help with even the smallest donation we would be very grateful . our paypal address is or you can donate via the uk bullmastiff rescue and adoption web site . thank you
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