Emma – Special Appeal

 emma and winston 3
Its with great sadness that we write this. The very beautiful Emma is now at Rainbow Bridge. She was lucky enough to find her forever home with Anita Birch and her fabulous family including her handsome brother Winston the boxer. Emma had a fabulous few weeks of living and being loved which is all we ask for with every one of the dogs that come into our care.
Emma was extremely special to all of us at Bullmastiff Rescue, Emma’s personality shone through to everyone she met, she loved life, loved people and especially loved her family. Anita and her family gave Emma exactly what she needed for the short time that they had her. It takes a strong person to take on a dog of Emma’s age knowing that heart break isnt too far away, its a completely selfless act.
emma and winston 2
Everyone at the rescue is truly devastated at Emma’s passing, but also extremely happy that this beautiful lady found the place she was meant to be in the end. Run free Emma, never forgotten. Our love goes out to Emma’s beautiful family.xxx
emmaemma and winston
This old lady is the ever so beautiful in everyway Emma. Emma came to us after being found as a stray – she served her 7 days in the pound and came to rescue. We have no idea of her exact age but the vet believes around 10 years old. Despite her age Emma has shown no health problems other than being a bit unsteady on her back end which i guess happens to us all with age!!! She is absolutely full o…f life and is a very happy girl who absolutely adores everyone she meets. She loves her belly rubs and is a big fan of food!!! Her eye sight isnt great but her hearing makes up for it. We are looking for a quiet home where Emma can retire too. This old girl shouldnt even be in rescue at her age. She deserves to live out the rest of her life in peace and quiet. We wont home amongst small children or any young hyper dogs. Emma could live with an older gentleman dog. Nothing phases this lovely girl, We do understand that people are reluctant to take on dogs of Emma’s age as we do not know how long Emma will be with us. BUT i urge people to act selflessly and think of Emma. She needs a home and doesnt deserve to spend the rest of her life in rescue. Yes she is old and it will be sad for her new owner when they lose her as it will be for all who have met her. But that should be more of a reason to give her that good home!